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2009 Division Champions

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

To Brandon Beck


We think this is your best year so far. We know your heart is in football! You have come a long way in the past 4 years.We are so proud of your accomplishments. Way to go!!!

Dad & Mom

To Hank White

Hank, #77,

We are so proud of you, there are no words to express it!

Mom & Dad

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To John Taylor


Thank you for all of your help with the fields and most of all thank you for always being Johnny on the spot(no pun intended). There was never a Saturday that you didn't show up early in the morning to help me get things ready at the home games!

Thank you for always helping out, no matter what it is, you are always more than ready to help!


To Maria, Kevin and Steve

Maria, Kevin, and Steve:
Thank ya'll very much for all that ya'll have done for this team. All of the time that ya'll spent taking pictures, video and keeping the stats. All of the extras ya'll have done for this team has been great!

Thank you!
Jolie Wood

To Justin, #58

Justin #58,

Well, time has gone way too fast. It seems like yesterday you were that little 6 year old that I was hoping could just be a kicker, I was so scared that my little boy would be hurt. You have amazed me in so many ways. Life has thrown you so many difficult curves, but you have handled them the best way you know how and for the most part I can say that both of us have learned life lessons in the process. I hope you know that I have learned from you too!

I am very proud of the young man that you are becoming! There is not a day that doesn't go by
that I am not proud to be your mom! Keep doing what you are doing and you will go far in life.
I love you with all my heart!

Your #1 fan!

To Carla


What can I say that I haven't told you a million and one times? Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for the teams you are involved with, the parents and the park! You always go way beyond the call of duty as a team mom! You always put the boys, parents and team before
anything else! You have helped me in more ways than anyone will ever know, not just with the park, but in life as well! Thank you for being my friend!


To 11-12 Vikings, Coaches and Parents

To the 11/12 Joelton Vikings, coaches and parents:

I am very proud of each and everyone of you! Ya'll showed great teamwork and
sportsmanship throughout the year, no matter what was said! The coaches brought this
team together and all of the extras that ya'll did for the boys, was GREAT! All of you
are winners in my book! This team has made my last year at Joelton a very great year. I will miss each and everyone of you more than you will ever know. If has been such a pleasure to work with each and everyone of you.Your kids are great and it has been a privilege to watch them grow up in front of my eyes. I will not know what to do with my Saturdays, so I guess I will just have to come and watch ya'll play your way to the Super Bowl next year! Ya'll can do it! Coaches my hats off to you for what ya'll did with this team!


To Coach Mike


I am so very proud to be married to you and to share Mickey's life with you. You are a wonderful husband and father. I have enjoyed sharing you with 24 of the best boys I know. Your dedication to the team is one to be proud of. What a fun year. Thanks for bringing this group of boys together, like family. The off-the-field events were great. I look forward to watching you coach again next year.

I love you.

To Mickey


Congratulations on such a great football season. I am very proud of you. Your heart in football is something to be noted. Your leadership is wonderful. Always continue to be a leader. Leadership will take you places in life. I look forward to the rest of your sporting events, but if you never play anything again, I will always think your the greatest.

I love you.

To Marley

You never cease to amaze me. Coaching the 11/12 year old cheerleaders, while keeping watch over the little vikings is just another way you do the things that you do. Not to mention expecting the whole season.

Love you,
Coach Hans

To the Coaches and Vikings from Coach Hans

To the coaches:

I enjoyed working with all of you. Maybe your cell phones can get a rest now. I know that 3 of us will be back and work hard to get even better,that is a line from Fulmer, who Coach Mike says that I am. Thought you might like that Nidifer.
Coach Hans


I enjoyed coaching each and every one of you this year. 12year olds: even though it didn't work out like we had hoped, we all fought a good battle and came up a little short. But we are the Undefeated Western Division Champions (not to shabby). 11 year olds: Come and join us for the Revenge Tour 2010. We will be here waiting, see you next year.
Coach Hans

To Gunnar and McKenna

Gunnar #85

G-Man, I really enjoy getting the chance to coach you. You are a bright young man who always gives it his all. Keep Working hard and you will go far in whatever tou chose to do in life. We will be back for a Revenge Tour 2010 and get the other ring.

Love you G-man!!!


I didn't get to watch you much this year, but I did try to catch you doing your flips during halftime. When I did you filled my heart with joy, even when we weren't playing well.

Love you,

To Carla, Coaches, Maria and Kevin


Again....THANK YOU for another wonderful year! Without all your hard work for these boys, the parents and coaches would be lost and this would have been just another regular 11/12 year old football team. You have and always do go above and beyond your call of duty....YOU ARE THE BEST! I know you are told thank you but I don't think it is possible for you to ever hear it enough....THANK YOU...YOU ARE THE BEST!


Thank you for everything you have done for my son. You all have really made him feel apart of something special. You men are AMAZING! You have taught him a lot in the past two years, and it has went beyond "how to play football". You have taught him sportsmanship, being a team player, responsibility, pride, and most importantly how to be a "class act". Kaleb adores you all, and I know the rest of the boys do too, I saw that with the tears that were shed in Springfield. Those boys weren't just disappointed that they lost and it was over, they were disappointed because they had let you all down. That was truly an amazing moment for me to see, to watch these fine young men have such emotion over the sport they play and the men who taught them. I believe I speak for myself as well as Kaleb when I say WE LOVE EACH ONE OF YOU! Thank you for EVERYTHING and we will see you next season! GO VIKINGS!

Maria and Kevin:

You are two of the MOST giving people I have ever met. You have given so much of your time to my son and the rest of the team. There is not a doubt in my mind that the two of you will be greatly rewarded for what you do for people and the unselfishness that have. YOU ARE APPRECIATED and not a second of what you have done has ever been taken for granted, we were not entitled to the wonderful pictures you have taken for us, we were just luck enough to have you. We are a very fortunate team to have the two of you......THANK YOU!

Angel Binkley

To Kaleb


Congratulations to you and your team on another wonderful season. I am happy you made the decision to play another year at Joelton, I'm sure you feel the same. I know that the coaches have taught you a lot of lessons, not just in football but in life in general...I have watched you mature a lot due to what you have been taught in this sport. I hope you grab a hold of these memories and cherish them forever, not everyone is lucky enough to play for a terrific group of coaches, with such a great group of kids, and a wonderful parent support system as the 2009 11/12 Joelton Vikings did!


To Donovan and Lexi

To Donovan and Lexi,

We are very proud of your hard work this year.

Donovan, it is always exciting to see you make a big hit or take off with the ball. I love watching you play football, and I love to see how much you love to play it. I appreciate all your hard work and commitment.

And Lexi, I am so proud of your effort this year. You really worked hard to learn a very hard dance and many new cheers. I love seeing you smiling out there because it makes me and the rest of the fans smile.

We love you both with all our hearts. Keep up the good work with everything you do in life.

Mom and Dad!

To Caleb


I just want you to know how proud I am of you! You are an amazing athlete and God has given you a great ability to show that on the football field. Just remember when you play, give it your all and thats all that matters.

I am SO proud of you and I love you,


We just want you to know how much we love you and thank God for you. We are proud of your athletic ability, and your strong competitive spirit, Always, play with your heart and you'll go far.

We love you ,
Dad and Mom

To Hans


I am so glad that you have been able to coach Gunnar for the past few years. It has been wonderful to watch the father/son relationship develop to such depths between you and Gunnar. I hope that the bond you and Gunnar have is never lost for it is a treasure that some never get the chance to have.

I Love You,

To Gunnar and McKenna

Gunnar #85,

I love to watch you play sports. You play with such heart and soul, and I would not expect anything less from you, for that is how you approach everything you do. Keep that spirit and nothing can or will stand in your way of pursuing you dreams.

Love you,


I love having the chance to coach you in cheerleading!! I know that I am hard on you but it is only because I have seen what you can do when you decide to. Keep the spunk that you have, never lose it for it will be useful. Keep your beautiful smile always.

I Love you,

To 11-12 Cheerleaders

11-12 Cheerleaders:

I enjoyed coaching all of you this year and had lots of fun. I hope that you learned something this year that you did not know before. Hope to see most of you next year.

Coach Marley

Savanah (Smith),

I can't tell you thanks enough for all that you did this year. It means so much to me for all that you did this year. Thanks for helping out so much, since I was limited as to what I could do.

Thanks for helping with the banners too.

Keep Smiling!!!

Coach Marley

To Tricia and John Taylor

Tricia and John:



Monday, November 2, 2009

To Jarret Ray

To Jarret Ray #10

We are so proud of your commitment to your teammates and the game you love to play. It is so great for us to watch you hitting, hustling, flying through the air and having fun doing it. Thanks to all the coaches for giving your time to this team and our son.

Steve, Cheri and Brandon

Sunday, November 1, 2009

To Carla Collier

To Carla:

Carla I have seen a lot of team moms, but none that works as hard as you. You always have the best interest of the team at heart. Thank you for all the emails and keeping us posted on where to be and when. One of the things that touched me the most about you is your caring nature. The emails asking for prayers for a player or for a players family was wonderful. Knowing that you care about these boys, (more than just being part of the team) but also caring about their well being. Well that really meant a lot to a lot of people.

Thanks again, you are a wonderful lady.

Keith, Ida & Dylan

To the Coaches

To all the 11/12 coaches:

We want to give you all a huge THANK YOU !! We really thank you for all your hard work and dedication to the team. Dylan has never had a better group of coaches. He looked up to all of you and really enjoyed playing for you.

You guys are a real class act !!

Keith, Ida and Dylan Miller

To Dylan Miller

Dylan Miller #21

Dylan, we are so proud of you and the responsible young man you have become. When you told us that you wanted to play football again we were a little skeptical since you had not played in a few years. But you went, and you practiced and had a great attitude. You never once complained about going to practice and always looked forward to game day. You always supported your team and you had a great time while doing it. Again, we are proud of you and look forward to middle school ball.

Dad & Mom

To the Other Vikings, Coaches and Parents

To all of the other Vikings, coaches and parents:

Players and parents:
It has been a pleasure being your team mom over the years. I hope that you have had fun! I know I have. I really appreciate all of you and your parents....it makes things a whole lot easier on me. I can not say enough about our support system in our age group and I really wish we could all stay together throughout the years!!

It all starts with our wonderful commissioner, Jolie. You have had a lot of struggles and hoops to jump over the years and you represented Joelton great! We love you for doing that for us! I am gonna miss working with you every year!!

The coaches, all I can say is we have the BEST coaching staff in the league!! It has been a pleasure having all of you coach Bryce and working with me over the years. You have taught our boys alot, on and off of the field!

Maria, Kevin, Brandon, and Steve--- our team is extra special due to all of the pictures, film and stats that you provide. The countless hours that you put into all of this can never be repaid. I just hope that all of you know how much all of that means to us. We sit on the ends of our seats every week anticipating our pictures, film and stats for the game. Thank you for taking the time to provide these wonderful memories for us!

Love and hugs to all of you!!
Carla Collier

To Bryce Collier

Bryce #24,

Another year as a Viking has ended, and you continue to amaze us. I don't know if this will be the end of your Jr Pro career or not, only time will tell. All I can say is that you have made us so proud in your attitude, ability and respect on and off the field to your teammates, opponents and coaches. I look forward to watching you play at each level. I love to hear the comments your brother makes about you during a tackle or run you are doing in a game. In his words, "Bryce is a beast". Thank you for being you and loving the game and others.

We love you,
Mom, Dad and Brock

To Mickey Martin

To #7 Mickey Martin,

Mick, what another great year of football. I am sorry that we did not win the Super Bowl, but Division Champs, hey, that isn't bad. I enjoy watching you play this game more than any other thing you do. You play with heart and emotion; you have a natural ability for football. That is something special. You have given me more great memories than an old man deserves. I know you are not sure what you are going to do next year, and that is okay. But I think we got one more good run left in us, so if you decide to come back Coach Daddy is here waiting. We have to get you ready to play on Friday Nights. So keep it up, and stick with your game. You are the one and only "Mike the Quick".

I Love You,

To All the 11-12 Vikings - from Coach Mike

11-12 year old Vikings:

Well, our journey is over and although we fell a little short of the big goal, the year was filled with great memories.

Boys, we as a coaching staff apologize for not helping you win the big one, but now we must look ahead. There are so many people to thank for this great year.
  • My wonderful coaching staff, who are not only great coaches, but great friends and will be forever.
  • The best darn team mom in history, Carla Collier.
  • Our award winning photo journalists Kevin and Maria Latham, and Mr. Beck who also had some great pictures.
  • Steve and Cheri Ray, thanks for keeping our stats. I know everyone enjoyed looking at them.
  • It has been a real pleasure to work with Jolie Wood, who has served as our commissioner. Having served as President of a football program for 15 years, I know how tough of a job this can be. I fell Jolie has handled it with compassion, and integrity. She is a class act.
  • To our parents thanks for sharing your most prized posses ion worth us. You were always supportive, and understanding. This is the only team , in 20 years of coaching That I did not have any parent problems. That is remarkable.

Now most of all To My Boys, I love each and everyone of you. You gave us all you had to give, and you progressed so much this year. I hope you enjoyed the fun things we were able to do, swim party, haunted houses, camp out, etc. And who could forget the famous Snipe hunt. Along the way we also won quite a few football games. It was a blast. I will miss this team so much--so much talent, so much leadership by our 12 year olds. We could not ask for more. For you 12 year olds: I wish you well in school ball if that is what you do. I currently have at least 6 kids that I used to coach who are playing college football. I am sure some of you will add to that number. To the 11 year olds, I know some of you are considering school ball next year, and I encourage you to do whatever you desire. Talk to your parents and make your decision when you are ready. But, if the Good Lord is willing, I will be back as coach of the 11-12 year old Joelton Vikings next year. I would love to have you back. We need you. Let's take one more run toward that championship. Tell your friends; find us some more players to replace these great 12 year olds we are losing, and let's do it again.

Thanks to my dear wife Maggie for her support and understanding. We wish all of you the very best.

Coach Mike

To Dave Rose


God has truly blessed our family this year! I could not be more proud of you and how you are growing into a young man. This second season of football with the Joelton Vikings has been exhilarating and another year to remember!! I will never forget how you stood your ground when your head only came to the opposing lineman's chest. No matter the difference in size, you played the game!

Your coaches worked very hard with the team to prepare ya'll for each game. They are a huge part of the successes of this team. May God bless each coach in a special way because of their vigor and love given to each member of the 11-12 Joelton Viking football team and cheerleaders.

You have a wonderful life ahead of you! Many of the lessons taught in the game of football can be applied to real life! May you continue to strive for excellence and find God's grace along the way! You are loved more than you will ever know!!


To Scot Nidiffer

We love you Scott very much! You are a great kid and you make us very proud! Remember to play and work 100%!

We Love You,
Mom and Dad (your biggest fans)

Stats from Springfield - Playoff Game

October 24, 2009

Joelton v. Springfield

Final Score: 2 - 7

Offensive Statistics

1st 0-0
2nd 0-7
3rd 0-7
4th 2-7

29 Total Carries for 139 Yards
1 Total Pass for 15 Yards
154 Yards of Total Offense

#7 Mickey Martin- 13 Carries 57 Yards.

#9 Austin Poss- 4 Carries for 12 Yards.

#24 Bryce Collier- 6 Carries for 56 Yards.

#28 Hunter Bowman- 1 Pass Completion for 15 Yards.

#30 Bailey Baker- 5 Carries for 10 Yards.

#32 Blake Gober- 1 Carry for 4 yards.

#87 Levi Thomas- 1 Reception for 15 Yards.

Defensive and Special Teams Statistics

#7 Mickey Martin- 5 Tackles and 1 Assist and a Fumble Recovery!!!!!

#9 Austin Poss- 2 Tackles and 1 Assist.

#10 Jarret Ray- 4 Tackles and 2 Assists, including a tackle for a SAFETY!!!!!!!

#24 Bryce Collier- 3 Tackles and 2 Assists.

#27 Donovan Taylor- 1 Tackle and 2 Assists.

#30 Bailey Baker- 11 Tackles and 3 Assists!!!!!!

#35 Jacob Waffird- 1 Tackle and 1 Assist.

#42 James Whitby- 3 Tackles and 2 Assists.

#52 Scott Nidiffer- 4 Tackles and 3 Assists and a Fumble Recovery!!!!

#58 Justin Wood- 6 Tackles and 2 Assists!!!!!

#71 Caleb Rediker- 3 Tackles and 2 Assists.

#74 Josh Latham- 2 Tackles and 1 Assist.

#77 Hank White- 7 Tackles, 2 Assists and 1 Forced Fumble!!!!!!

#85 Gunnar Pfeffer- 2 Tackle, 1 Assist 2 QB Rushes for Incomplete Passes.

#87 Levi Thomas- 2 Tackle and 2 Assists.